Autism is an neuro-developmental disability diagnosed more in boys than girls. When it comes to being a woman and living with Autism, it can be an interesting life. These are my 5 top when it comes to be a woman living with Autism.

I have to work harder than most people. If you read my blog story about my early years, my Autism was more severe as a little kid. I barely knew had to do things myself or even communicate. I was taught everything that everyone else knows naturally. Today, I have improved tremendously, but I know I still will always have to work harder than most because of how my brain functions. For instance, it always took me so much longer to complete homework assignments and exams at school than anyone else. Plus, I have a whole method of studying, which forces me to process longer than I feel I should. My point is that my brain functions differently than everyone else’s.

I do not like to wear tight or scratchy clothing. I do not like clothing that makes me feel itchy, such as shirts with tags or the fabric on shirts. I do not like to wear tight pants. Although, I will wear jeans, but they cannot be so tight! In my elementary and middle school years, I wore sweatpants a lot because sweatpants felt comfortable to me. I still do but not once in a while I wear them out when I know I believe its fine to.

My facial expressions tell a lot about me. People can easily tell if I am bad at hiding information just by my facial expressions. I will not do something that forces me to feel pressured or down; This will only make me feel upset and angry. Communication of any kind is important, including nonverbal behavior.

It was never easy for me to ask for help at first. When it comes to challenging situations, I never knew in the beginning how to ask for help. I was taught this concept a lot. Throughout my school years, I was told I should ask for help if I was struggling with something or needed anything. As the years gone by, I am now considered as an self-advocate. One of the things about being a self-advocate is knowing when to reach out for help when needed. It is important to learn this concept to get through in life.

I am super focused on what I love to do. Individuals living with Autism are super focused on what they love to do, and it’s based on special interests for majority. For example, I knew I always loved the education field. I used to play with stuffed animals and pretended they were my own students. I have in my basement a classroom set up and played school. Today, I work with elementary school students living with Autism as a Paraprofessional. I am a living proof of working in the classroom! Every time I am in the classroom, I forget what is going on outside of the classroom. I am focused on teaching my students to the best of their abilities with the teacher of the classroom and keeping them smiling.

I am thankful to be who I am. Living with Autism has taught me so much and I am still learning more in my life. I believe that you will educated more about living with Autism, and what it is like for a lot of women living on the Autism Spectrum. This is only just one story that you may have heard/read, but there are a lot more women out there living with Autism too.

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