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About Us

About Us

Jessica and Aidan

Jessica Leichtweisz founded Hope Education Services in 2015  when she discovered that many parents around the world do not have access to the information they require to help their children affected by Autism.

By networking with parents, Autism professionals and Autistic adults online, she noticed a big gap between how professionals coach parents of children with Autism and what Autistic adults have to say. For example, Jessica always taught parents to use person first language while overwhelming Autistic adults prefer identify first language.  Earlier in her career she was dedicated to “recovering” children from Autism. Today she is internationally acclaimed for using a behavioral approach that is centered not on making a child “less Autistic” but making sure Autism is not the reason for a person’s suffering.

Jessica’s mission is to make the world a more inclusive, loving and accepting place including for Autistic individuals. Thats why she is committed to learning as much as she can about Autism directly people experiencing it.  Through her television show Bridge the Gap, weekly webinar Ask and Autistic and now the book This is Autism she is committed to helping parents and the community at large understand Autism better so mistakes of previous generations are not repeated and Autistic children have the best journey possible.

Aidan Allman-Cooper is the Founder and Chairman of SECA Organization LLC. A dynamic speaker and engaging presenter, Aidan has had multiple opportunities to discuss issues surrounding the special needs community in multiple venues. From conferences to seminars, Aidan is committed to serving the special needs community by relaying invaluable information regarding pertinent special education topics such as FAPE, IDEA, and the importance of IEP goals/objectives.

Prior to forming SECA, Aidan was a classified high school student at a public school. Ultimately, the challenges Aidan personally faced prompted him to become invested in ensuring the rights of special needs students are protected and that all students receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

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Aidan has an intimate understanding of the special education process and regularly assists clients by reviewing IEP’s, consulting with school districts, attending IEP meetings, mediating with schools, and providing overall effective assistance in whatever conflict you may be facing. Aidan frequently tutors clients’ children and provides comprehensive academic  support. Aidan additionally leads SECA’s social skills groups designed to assist struggling students with social skills deficits. 

Outside of running SECA, Aidan works at a private special education school as an instructional paraprofessional and enjoys reading, traveling, the television show Survivor, and spending time with family and friends. Aidan is an NJ Scholar ’19 and is attending Kean University to study special education and pre-law.